Terra Una Horses

Our horses are all pure bred Lusitanos and each is the bearer of its own Stud Book, which certifies its purity. The Terra Una horses come from two main lineages: Alter Real and Andrade. In both, specimens were selected based on their behaviour and genealogy, in order to guarantee their calmness and gentleness – a process that has lasted many years.  Horses that were not very tall – between 1.50m and 1.60 at the withers – were considered to be the most suitable ones for horse trails. In total there are 10 animals, half of which are mares and the other castrated males, with the exception of the future stallion. Two horses were born on our farm in 2014: a colt and a filly – Jasmim and Jóia – offspring of two Alter Real mares. The colt is being raised specifically as a stallion for the Terra Una Stud.

Terra Una Stud