The Terra Una project aims to contribute to the awareness that we humans are integral and inseparable beings of the biosphere, of Nature.

On this planet human beings are not a foreign or exterior element and everything is interconnected. According to our DNA, it is evident that we are related to all living beings – animals and plants – and that since the beginning of life on Earth, we have been on this magnificent journey that is the evolution of the species. We are all partners of Creation.

Interestingly, St. Francis of Assisi in the XIII century already claimed that all animals and plants were related, which is in fact six centuries before the great Charles Darwin. The same occurs in other religions and spiritual beliefs, both in the East and in the so-called primitive societies.

In this project, the horse is an old friend of Man, one that is the symbol for enabling the awakening of this relationship of belonging. Consequently, here the horse is regarded as a long-time friend and relative, and never as an object.

In the horse, Man can find a friend for his journey in rediscovering the sense of belonging to this planet in which they both live. The joy of living that can be observed in an unoppressed horse assures us that we are not alone in this immense pleasure of feeling free on earth.  When living together and celebrating Life, confident collaboration and sharing is formed.

Carlos Frescata, September 2015